Saving Crane

Please donate to our breeding program featuring Crane

The Ojibwe Horse breed is in crisis. These horses once numbered in the thousands through their traditional Boreal Forest range and are Canada’s only Indigenous-developed breed. Only 30 breeding stallions are alive today, and 13 are currently for sale, in need of breeding homes or semen preservation. Crane, a five-year-old Ojibwe stallion in Manitoba, will play an important part in the Ojibwe Horse Society’s efforts to conserve the breed.

Keeping multiple stallions intact is difficult for most owners due to fencing and space requirements. Unfortunately, this has led to the gelding (neutering) of many stallions in the breed, without reproducing, which narrows the breed’s gene pool.

The Society is responding to this crisis by collecting and preserving Crane’s semen, which can be stored indefinitely. Frozen semen can be shipped long distances to appropriate breeding mares across the country, helping maximize variety in genetic pairings. It provides insurance in case of an accident with a stallion or an owner’s need to geld the stallion. We simply cannot afford to lose any more genetic diversity in the Ojibwe Horse.

Please donate today using the link below and help us raise our target amount of $5000 for our breeding program featuring Crane. To donate a custom amount, click the “buy now” amount multiple times to add your donation to your checkout cart. Thank you.

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