DNA Test Mane Sample process: 1. Fill out the form below.

2. You can remit fee of $40 in the online store or send it in with the DNA sample.

3. We need 30-50 pulled mane or tail hairs with the root follicle attached. You may use either mane, tail or both, whichever is easier. Hairs must be pulled straight out to ensure follicles come out of the skin. It may be best to pull 5-10 hairs at a time rather than larger amounts. Tape the hair sample to a piece of paper using clear tape. Do not tape over follicles. You can trim extra hair. Place sample in an envelope clearly labelled with the horses’ name and your contact information. If mailng multiple samples, put all envelopes in a larger envelope or box.

4. Mail mane sample to The Ojibwe Horse Society, Box 376, Dugald, Manitoba R0E 0K0.